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Leverage The Data

Streamlining your data, all in one place - easily comprehensible, readily available, and effortlessly accessible, whenever needed.

Developing BI Systems that maximize the benefits from data in the organization.

Our Services

We offer end-to-end process support, encompassing assessment, management, data collection, consolidation, report and dashboard development, as well as strategic consultation in data and BI domains.

Analytics Solutions

Organizational need definition and customization of a unique technological solution, with an emphasis on up-to-date data, accessibility, and self-operation. It includes expert consulting on efficient data management within the organization.

Data architecture and strategy

Performing data collection, processing, and consolidation processes from various systems within the organization, establishing data warehouses, and presenting information in an end-to-end system, including quality checks and control.

Business Automations

Automating recurring manual processes to save significant time and resources while optimizing various processes within the organization.

Training and guidance

Training and instruction for users on proper data handling and maximizing the use of data and BI tools.

Who We Are

BInsight helps organizations maximize the benefits from data and information, extract relevant insights, and enhance business outcomes. We specialize in data collection, analysis, and presentation, providing access to organizational information sourced from various systems through a convenient and user-friendly interface.

Through advanced technologies, we develop personalized, intelligent tools for organizations across a range of sectors, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and streamline processes.

Our Customers


We tailor-create personalized systems for every organization, designed to meet specific needs, centralize all pertinent data, and facilitate insights extraction. Our aim is to enhance workflow efficiency and elevate business outcomes.

Sales Management and Measurement

A comparative tool for analyzing sales metrics at the customer, product, and sales timeframe levels, and more. Enables goal-setting and trend identification.

Inventory and Procurement Management

A tool for achieving optimal alignment of organizational inventory with procurement orders. Enables readiness and optimization for the organization.

Marketing Campaigns and ROI

Aggregation of traffic data, assessment of conversion costs, and analysis of marketing platforms. Provides insights into the effectiveness of advertising channels.

E-commerce Analytics

A tool for analyzing sales and user behavior in online stores, at the product and category levels. Enables process improvement and profit enhancement.

Financial and Budget Management Reports

Financial tracking and report generation with a single click, available 24/7. Profit and loss, cash flow, budgets, balances, and more. Centralizes information and enables organizational optimization.

Telephone Service and Support Centers

Control and measurement tool for service and performance quality at the team, representative, timing levels, and more. Enables complete transparency to optimize productivity.

Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

Continuous monitoring of production processes against order forecasts. Enables adherence to timelines and organizational goals. Control and measurement tool for service and performance quality at the team, representative, timing levels, and more. Provides complete transparency to enhance productivity.

Invoicing and Collection Reports

Executing control and tracking of collections, and presenting an overview of expected revenue. Prevents debt situations or payment delays.

Systems and Technologies

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